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A warm welcome to you

Thank you for visiting my own cosy corner in this huge internet web. Make yourself comfortable and take your time to look around. If any questions occure, feel free to take contact.

I make your jewellery

One person, two hands and a lot of tools. That's how your jewellery is being made in my studio in Denmark. You find a litlle more to read about me here

people supporting people

Flexible prices; this is the future

We have to allign our global economy with the principles of nature. Nothing is fixed in nature, neither are my flexible prices. I'm giving what I am capable of giving, I wish for you the same.

It is in your hands, you decide yourself what you are paying for my jewellery. 


 "The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."   -Robert Swan

The gold and silver I use to make my jewellery are recycled metals. Jewellery from recycled silver or gold offers a smart alternative for a new generation of more conscious and ethically minded consumers.  The quality of the gold or silver from recycling is exactly the same as from mined resources.

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