Fall Tokens

You can choose the price you pay. Set the price according to your income level within the framework I provide.

The minimum price is for those who are extra financially pressured, and otherwise should not be able to afford to buy these handmade unique jewelry. It is good to understand that the minimum price is a gift from me, as I will not be paid for my work or have my running costs covered. But I like to give that gift when you really need it. Just think about how you would like to be paid for your work yourself. It's no different for me. We are more connected and alike than you can see.

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We are more connected and alike than you can see.

By paying more than the minimum price, you allow me to pay myself salary. The closer you get to the maximum price, the more you support my business, my dream of living off my passion. Just as a reference point; you must see the maximum price as the price you should pay in e.g. a store in Copenhagen. By paying a higher price, you enable me to continue to offer my jewelry at flexible prices, so that those who have the financial difficulties can also afford to purchase my jewelry. You enable my business not only to survive, but also to grow, to develop new designs, etc.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support.

We both give, we both receive.

Follow your heart, I trust you to pay what you can.