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Fall Tokens

Flexible pricing

What would I be doing
if I wouldn't have to be earning


I would still be making jewellery.

For me it is the most amazing thing to create something and then send it out into the world; to have someone wearing a piece of jewelery that was made by my hands. It is a magical feeling and deeply touching to realize that every single piece of jewellery creates a connection between me and the person wearing my creation.

Women Holding Hands_edited.jpg

We are connected

every single piece of jewellery creates a connection between me and the person wearing my creation.

The current reality is, that it has a financial price to create jewelery, to rent an atelier, to buy tools, to have a web shop running and so on. Basically, I can't just give it away. I think that anyone can understand that. On the other hand, I can understand that ones budget can be limited for buying luxury items like jewelery, whether it is for gifting it away or for own use.

When we are looking at the financial aspect, there are seemingly conflicting interests between the seller (me) and the buyer (you). But actually both would love the exchange to happen. So let's start from that place, where we meet, in the space where we are connected.

I have decided
to sell my jewellery
with flexible prices.
nature based economy.jpg

We both give,
we both receive.

Follow your heart,

I trust you to pay what you can.

You have the chance to adjust the price to whatever feels right for you, within the limitations of what feels right for me, between the given minimum and maximum price. There, in that interval, I am fully comfortable to receive whatever you are willing to give in exchange for my jewelery.


So go on, and follow your heart. Choose the piece of jewelery that resonates with you and pay what feels truly right for you.

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