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We are all full of contrasts: over the course of a single day we might exhibit an array of different facets of our personality to those around us. Especially in a love relationship, where we feel safe, we tend to express ourselves more authentically. That’s where the beauty of a long term relationship lies. After the first period of being in love, and getting to know each other better, our love grows more deeply when we discover all these different facets of the person we fell in love with. Feeling safe, loved and unconditionally accepted makes us open up to the opportunity to express the multitude of character facets that make us who we are, uniquely and authentically. And vica versa, embracing our loved one as a fascinating multi-faceted person.. That is one of the greatest gifts we can give one another.

weddingrings - spiral growth - white gold

Spiral growth

You both grow together in a dynamic dance, as a married couple. Not in a linear movement but a spirling one. A melding of two individuals who together create a third, more powerful entity. All three of them are uniquely individual; one partner, the other partner and their unit as a loving couple.

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weddingrings - spiral growth
weddingrings - life's trail
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