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Inner beauty as a source of inspiration


I started as a goldsmith in Antwerp, making traditional jewellery on demand. Studying jewellery design opened my world and inspired me to create my own collections.

Two years ago, I moved with my little family to Denmark, where I started a new business as jewellery designer. Soon I became integrated in the Art community, becoming member of Kunstnerne Bruuns Hjørne, Kunstnerlavet KIT and the Danish Arts & Crafts association. In my new business I’m making my dream come true: designing my own jewellery collections and creating personal wedding rings. My first two collections are Fragments and Trillions.

My dream

My dream is to empower people through the jewellery they wear by sharing the story behind every piece I make. Every jewel represents an aspect of beauty in every person I work with. More and more I realise that the ‘perfect’ life doesn’t exist. We all get our share of challenges. It is the way we deal with it that makes a difference. We have the choice to transform challenges into experiences of growth, making who we are, richer than before. To me, this is the real beauty that I see when I meet a person.  The beauty of inner strength is what I wish to express by the jewellery I make.

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