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Let us be brave, let us be wild and untamed.


These earrings speak to the call within us to reconnect with our wild and primal nature, to break free from the constraints of society and embrace the natural world around us.


Let us be brave and throw off the shackles of convention. Let us be wild and untamed, embracing the fullness of our being. Let us swim naked in the rivers, sleep under the stars, and feel the rain on our skin. Let us ride our horses across the plains, dance around the fire, and feel the pulse of life within us.


As we connect with nature, we connect with our own true nature. We feel the elements around us and sense the rhythm of the earth. We feel the blood flowing through our veins, and we know that we are alive.


Together, let us roar the song of freedom, celebrating the wildness within us all. Let us embrace the beauty of our own being and the world around us, living in deep connection with nature and all other wild existences on this earth.

Song of freedom - Unleash your wildness

PriceFrom €160.00
  • earrings in responsible sterling silver

    dark-red granate; natural stone

    total length: 34mm

    dimentions: 29 x 17 x 11 mm

  • Pay what you genuinely feel like paying, creating a balance between showing your appreciation for my work and the handmade ring on one side and your own financial capacity on the other side. Just follow your heart, I know you will contribute with what feels right for you.

🌱A tree is planted for this product.

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