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Responsible materials

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Recycled metals

Why using recycled metals?

The gold and silver I use to make my jewellery are recycled metals. Jewellery from recycled silver or gold offers a smart alternative for a new generation of more conscious and ethically minded consumers. Two advantages stand out: By making the conscious choice of buying jewellery from recycled metals you support the goal of combating human rights violations and ending violence in the countries where the mining takes place. Secondly you avoid the environmental destruction that often goes hand in hand with the mining process.

What about the quality?

The quality of the gold or silver from recycling is exactly the same as from mined resources. Old pieces of jewellery or silver tableware are getting cleaned and refined. This refining process takes place in the EU. It complies with all EU regulations on environmental impact and labour conditions. After the refining process the result is pure silver and 24K gold which then is turned into either sterling silver or 18K gold by adding other fine precious metals.

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