A wing spreading open on your earlobe. And a fine drop shaped pearl in soft pink hanging down. Dancing on the movements of your head.

Earrings - pearl wings - sterling silver

PriceFrom €175.00
  • Length of the wing on ear: 25mm

    length pearl: 12mm

    responsible sterling silver with pink culture pearl

  • The price is flexible, which means that it is up to you to decide what you will be paying for your handmade piece of jewellery.

    You can use this opportunity to express your appreciation for my work and the quality of the jewellery by the price you choose. Or you can decide to support and ensure the future of my business and give the opportunity to develop new designs by the payment you’re making.

    We both give, we both receive.

    Follow your heart, I trust you to make a responsible choice.

    Much love, Annemie

    When in doubt; just think about how you would like to be paid for your work yourself. It's no different for me. We are more connected and alike than you might think.

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