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According to Persian mythology, the "stones" from the sea were the tears of the gods. The gentle and cleansing energy of the pearl brings calm, peace and enlightenment and promotes qualities such as integrity, insight, wisdom and acceptance.


When we get hurt in the heart, we tend to close down, so we don't get hurt anymore. But it is a package deal; when we close it down, we loose all the good things that can happen too. So when we get hurt in the heart, we have to be brave and say: ”that's one thing that can happen in my heart, but beautiful things are going to happen in my heart too.” So keep your heart open and share it's beauty with the world.

The Tahiti flower pendant symbolizes the transformation of your personal life crises into gemstones that shine black and change into purple and green; testifying of deep insight. Inserted in the Tahiti flower, the pearl simultaneously welcomes light, joy and life.


Tahiti flower - Life's tears transformed into wisdom

PriceFrom €310.00
  • ring in responsible sterling silver

    'black' Tahiti pearl with undertones of purple and green

    dimentions flower: 25 x 19.5 x 9 mm

  • Pay what you genuinely feel like paying, creating a balance between showing your appreciation for my work and the handmade ring on one side and your own financial capacity on the other side. Just follow your heart, I know you will contribute with what feels right for you.

🌱A tree is planted for this product.

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