After the flower has blossomed, it's colourful leaves dry out, crumble, turn brown and finally fall off to the ground. What was once a delightful flower, attracting insects with its colours and scents is no more. As summer turns to autumn and the days shorten, what is left of the flower is a brown seed pod. Sometimes this pod is almost unnoticeable, other times it is a humble beauty. However the looks, it is carrying a seed, the next generation. This precious seed will, once ripe, fall on the soil where it will get covered by a blanket of leaves. This is the energy of autumn; everything is seemingly dying away, retreating or covering itself, finding shelter for the coming cold winter. The blanket of fallen leaves form an isolating cover during cold winter months. But in spring, it's decay will bring nutrients to the soil. The seeds that have spent the winter underneath, will start to sprout. When conditions are right, they will start a new generation of plants. And so, the circle of life continues.

earrings - autumn - 18K gold

PriceFrom €830.00
  • total length: 35mm

    high quality 18K gold alloy

    ethical responsible and environmentally friendly gold

    white culture pearl