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Wedding Rings

Will you wear a set of handmade wedding rings,
created just for you?

All rings are handcrafted in my own atelier, ensuring that each piece is unique.

Your wedding rings are handmade and are produced from a design meeting with you.

The wishes and desires you express are my starting point,

together we can create exactly

the rings you dream of.

wedding bands in ethical 18K gold with a structured surface

Designing Process

During the design process, we can discuss various surface finishes and even combine them, creating a truly distinctive ring that speaks to your personal taste and style. Whether you want matching rings symbolizing a strong bond or individual rings reflecting your distinct personalities, it's essential that the final design feels right for both of you. I recommend to set out enough time for a meeting so we can go through all the details together.


Diamantes possess exceptional light-reflecting properties and are among the hardest gemstones,

making them ideal for daily wear.

Whether you prefer different sizes of diamonds, a specific number of diamonds,

it's all possible.

If you have your own precious stones or diamonds, we can integrate them into the design.

white golden engagement ring with a row of ethical diamonds
handmade bespoke wedding rings with different surface structures and diamonds

Responsible materials

My jewellery is crafted in 18-karat gold and 925 sterling silver.

I take pride in using recycled precious metals, and responsible diamonds in my jewellery. This means you can wear your wedding rings with the knowledge that they are ethical and environmentally friendly.

If you have old heirlooms in gold, they can fully or partially finance the new pair of wedding rings or maybe they can be included in a new piece of jewellery.


From the moment you place an order for your wedding rings, you can expect the process to take

approximately 5-9 weeks.

Depending on the complexity of the design and the choice of diamonds.

a set of wedding bands with a facetted surface, hand crafted in Skælskør, Denmark.
Sustainable luxury: Danish artisan wedding rings made in ethical gold


Your unique, handcrafted rings cannot be exchanged, as they are designed and handcrafted

exclusively for you.

The level of personalization and craftsmanship involved makes each piece one-of-a-kind.

I endeavour to make you the wedding rings

you dream of!

If you'd like to embark on this journey to create

your one-of-a-kind wedding rings,

I invite you to schedule a meeting.


During this consultation, we'll discuss all the details.

Shortly after the meeting, you will receive a fixed price for your set of wedding rings based on your personalized choices.

Intricately designed wedding bands from Denmark, crafted responsibly in ethical gold
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