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Imagine the flaming tail of a shooting star.. Make a wish, whenever you want. Every wish makes your hart sing and moves you closer to whom you are deep inside. 

Necklace - Shooting star - sterling silver

PrisFra € 240,00
    • necklace in responsible sterling silver.
    • adjustable lenght: 45, 48 and 51cm
    • handmade in my workshop in denmark
    • small differences from the picture may occur, wich makes each piece unique.
  • Feel empowered to adjust the price according to your level of income and general financial situation.

    Or use this opportunity to express your appreciation for my work and the quality of the jewellery by the price you choose.

    Do that feels right, it is up to you to decide what to pay. 


    When in doubt; just think about how you would like to be paid for your work yourself. It's no different for me. We are more connected and alike than you might think.


    We both give, we both receive.

    Follow your heart, I trust you to pay what you can.


    Much love, Annemie

🌱Jeg planter et træ ved salg af dette produkt.

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