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Enjoy the lightness of these handmade golden Elves earrings. There is a transparency in their feligrain look. 


These earrings are light and weightless like an elve, walking on the forrest floor. We don't need to be in nature to be connected with it. Because we are nature. When we are out in nateru, we feel one with it, it is calling us and singing to our being. Out in nature, we are home, we can rejuvenate and recharge.

golden earrings _ Elves -We are nature

€ 730,00Pris
  • responsible earrings in 18K gold

    total length: 45mm

    these earrings are handmade by me in my workshop in Denmark

  • These earrings are handmade especially for you. They are ready for shipping in max 3 weeks.

🌱Jeg planter et træ ved salg af dette produkt.

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