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These earrings remind me of trees, shedding their leaves every autumn, to make place for new growth.


Even though it might feel contradictory, letting go is a part of growing, moving forward. Making conscious choices about what fills us with excitement and what is weighing us down. Finding the bravery to let go off that last category. Stop clinging on to situations, contexts, relations and -last but not least- all the stuff we've collected, just for the sake of keeping old memories alive.

Like a tree growing a new ring in the heart of it's wood every year, we are also evolving and growing a new over time. Dropping leaves before winter saves energy and ensures room for the new leaves to grow when the time is right.

Just so, we are investing our energy in what suits us and gives us energy, while dropping and leaving behind what is weighing us down. By doing so, we are making room for new opportunities to unfold.

Leaves – making conscious choices and letting go

PrisFra € 100,00
  • responsible earrings in recycled 925 sterling silver

    dimentions: 48x13 mm

    comes with classical earbacks to hold your earrings in place

    also available in ethical 18K gold or white gold

  • I’ve made a drop down menu, where you can choose one out of several price suggestions. You can express your appreciation for the piece of jewellery you want to purchase by the price you choose. You can choose to support my business and the development of new designs. Or you can choose the price according to your level of income. Whatever feels right for you. 

    We both give, we both receive.

    Follow your heart, I trust you to pay what you can.

    Much love, Annemie

🌱Jeg planter et træ ved salg af dette produkt.

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