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These earrings are inspired by Kokopelli, who travelled from place to place, visiting villages and entertaining the locals with music and stories.


Throughout our life's journey we collect a lot of experiences, or stories that can be told and drawn wisdom from. Using our creativity together with our wisdom is a powerful blend that will empower not only ourselves, but also the people around us.


I wish these kokopelli 'earrings with a story' may inspire you to let your creativity flow freely and to enjoy the creative process. Follow your joy, let itguide you as a compass trough life. And let all life's experiences, the good the bad and the ugly turn into empowering stories of wisdom.

Kokopelli - Your life's path - Earrings with a story

PrisFra € 100,00
    • responsible earrings in recycled 925 sterling silver

    • dimensions: 37x8 mm

    • gemstone: Agate, 8x8mm

    • comes with classical earbacks to hold your earrings in place

  • I’ve made a drop down menu, where you can choose one out of several price suggestions. There are two different ways to define the right price to pay.  You can express your appreciation for the piece of jewellery you want to purchase by the price you choose. Or you can choose the price according to your level of income. Use the method that feels right for you. 

    We both give, we both receive.

    Follow your heart, I trust you to pay what you can.

    Much love, Annemie

🌱Jeg planter et træ ved salg af dette produkt.

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