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After winter the sun is gaining strength, the snow has melted, and the first little flowers are appearing. Even though they are fragile, they show up to share their beauty with the world. We can all use a little reminder, that even though we might feel fragile, it is important to share our light in this world. Especially in these times, many will benefit so much of you sharing your bright light. These blossom earrings can be your little reminder every day. And who knows, when time goes by, you might end up bearing fruits.


This litlle red blossom with a black pearl makes a sweet delail on your ear that gives a twinkel to everyday life.

Earrings - Blossom - 18K red gold

€ 290,00Pris
  • earring in 18K red gold with black pearl

    ethically responsible and environmentally friendly gold

    handmade in my studio in Denmark

    each pair is unique and may vary slightly in form and texture.

    also available in white gold with blue pearl and white gold with diamond


🌱Jeg planter et træ ved salg af dette produkt.

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