Everyone on this planet brings with them a unique set of gifts and talents. And on the way, we also collect a whole set of skills. When coming together with a partner, all these several ‘strands’ of talents, gifts and skills that we bring into the relationship, become twisted into a HELIX. It is the forming of a composite ‘rope’; your relationship. Off course, none of us are perfect, but any flaws in the wires are less critical as the other skills and talents easily take up the load. And when the both of you combine all of your talents together, they build a very high strength relationship that is able to support ‘large tensile forces’ ;)

wedding rings - helix - 4mm - white gold

PriceFrom €600.00
  • width: 4mm

    high quality 18K white gold alloy

    ethical responsible and enviromental friendly gold

    also available in yellow gold


    inclusive free engraving


    this design is also available in 3mm; 5mm and 6mm width