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the desire to create

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

A little about creativity and stories. We all love stories, not only children do. Stories are as old as humanity. Before we could write and read books we passed on stories from one generation to another by telling them. Sometimes stories got widely spread as persons travelled from place to place, visiting villages and entertaining the locals with music and stories in return for a meal and shelter for the night.

Kokopelli is such a person. He travels with his flute, playing music and inspiring the villagers with his stories. The first known images of him are dated sometime between 750 and 850 AD. And typically Kokopelli is represented playing the flute.

These earrings are inspired by Kokopelli. The flute is placed inside the belly as a representation of our creativity, safely growing inside us. We are all creative beings, whether you consider yourself to be an artist or not. One way or another we all have the desire to create or to express ourselves. And often we do this even without thinking about is, it is our nature. It can take all kinds of forms. Maybe you're a librarian, spending your free time looking out for and restoring antique furniture and creating the most beautiful living space for yourself and your loved ones. Or maybe you are being creative by cooking the most delicious meals, or creating a stunning flowerbed in your garden.

I hope these earrings may inspire you to let your creativity flow freely and to enjoy the creative process. Follow your joy, guiding you as a compass. ❤️

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